"The Lenny Krayzelburg Swim Academy program has significantly changed our swim program!  Campers are learning more effectively how to swim and their strokes are measurably better.  One of the keys is the 20 hour swim instructor training, which teaches our instructors how to teach.  Another success is the continuity of the program at Camp during the summer and at the Katz JCC year round.  Whereas our swim program was once okay, I can now say that it is one of the best around, and families are raving about it."    
Aaron Greenberg
Camp Director, JCC Camps at Medford

"Over the past several months the J has seen a marked increase in the quality of our swim program due to the implementation of the Lenny Krayzelburg Swim Academy.  The expert training our directors and instructors have received provides a framework for excellence in our aquatics department.  We are thrilled to see the progress the children are making with the Swim Right Method.   Along with this, our camp swim program has grown tremendously due to this wonderful partnership"
Artie Allen
President, Jewish Community Center of Dallas

LKSA has been a game changer for JCCs.  For the JCCs that have embraced the philosophy, the program has changed the way business is run in aquatics.  The unique approach to teaching swimming, coupled with the proprietary business model has redefined swim instruction.  

Steven Becker | Vice President, Health & Wellness Service, JCC Association

The Shorefront Y's Lenny Krayzelburg Swim Academy has created an incredible children's swim and water safety program for children from toddlers on up.  Just over 5 years ago we took the risk of becoming the first Jewish Community Center in North America to license Lenny Krayzelburg's swim school model into our program and have never looked back. The number of children in our swim instruction program has gone from approximately 130 PER YEAR prior to the introduction of the LKSA into our organization to more than 400 – 500 students PER MONTH and our gross revenue has jumped from $285,00 to over $650,000 in FY 2014. Children love the program and parents are thrilled to watch their children develop lifelong swim skills, water safety and swimming confidence.
Susan Fox, Executive Director
Shorefront YM-YWHA of Brighton-Manhattan Beach, Inc.
3300 Coney Island Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11235

Our program has thrived since using this method to the point of taking it out to our day camp program at the JCC Camps at Medford that services 1500 campers per summer for 8 weeks.  The campers learn to swim experience has grown leaps and bounds to that which was in place before we began the LK Swim Academy.  Our 100 lifeguards spend 20 hours of training prior to camp beginning in the method, and are all taught to teach the same curriculum to every camper, meaning that every camper learns the same skills regardless of the instructor they have. Our campers receive swim instruction 5 days a week for the summer and receive the same benefits of the program in our building and vice versa – it adds to the continuity of those who participate during the year and allows for progression to continue for the student from year to year upon their return to camp each season. We couldn't be any happier with the LK Swim Academy at our facility – it truly has been a positive experience for both the participants and our staff who have completely embraced the method and the benefits and life skills it gives to the participants.
Amanda Halliwell
Assistant Director of Health and Wellness
Betty and Milton Katz JCC, Cherry Hill
Aquatic Director JCC Camps at Milford

 "The Lenny Krayzelburg Swim Academy has provided our JCC with a signature program that cannot be duplicated in a very competitive market place.  It has allowed us to properly attract, retain and serve

families with children who want to learn how to swim properly.  It has also provided the proper safety skills for the youngest children (in particular), in order to give parents a higher comfort level and peace of mind when they are around pools or other bodies of water with their children.  The safety aspect of the program is outstanding and truly speaks to our organization's mission to teach children how to swim as a life-long skill.  Since its launch in 2012 we have served so many families and have attracted many new families to our JCC.  In addition, it has produced more cache and branding related to swimming for our on-site camp programs.  Overall the program has produced great results for our members, program participants and our JCC as a whole. We could not be more proud of the program and happy with its results."

Will Winer
Asst VP, Health Fitness and Membership
Leventhal-Sidman Jewish Community Center
Boston, MA

When I first went to the Academy to learn the "LK Learn to Swim" program, I have to admit, I didn't think it was going to be anything different from what I already knew about swimming. I was an Aquatics Instructor and Aquatics Director for 10 years at the time and I also had my then 3 year old son in another swim program as well.
The program is by far, head and shoulders above everything I knew. From those days of training, it all made sense and it was clear as to why it was taught in such a way. I immediately saw a difference day one with my son when I taught him using the LK Swim Method. I tell everyone I know to take advantage of this program and I strongly encourage it for safety and correct swim techniques.

Vanissa Piselli
S.I. Aquatics Director
Henry Kaufmann Campgrounds Inc

To:       Lenny Krayzelburg
            Lenny Krayzelburg Swim Academy
From:   Vicki Roitman, Associate Executive Director
            Miami Beach Jewish Community Center
Date:    October 2014
Re:       Evaluation of the LK Swim Academy program at the Henry Kaufmann Campgrounds
As I leave my position at the Staten Island JCC I wanted to share with you my positive comments about the impact of the Lenny Krayzelburg Swim Academy on our Summer Camp program these past four to five years.
Since the introduction of the LK Swim Academy our ratings from camp families have increased in the area of aquatics, swim lessons.  Your program receives high marks in our end-of-camp evaluation surveys.
I believe the success of your program (compared to the previous camp aquatic program) is in the safety oriented curriculum and the ability of the aquatic staff to deliver a consistent program each summer.  Our parents appreciate the progress reports and feel confident that their camper will exhibit an increase in skill from summer to summer.
I also appreciated the ability of your staff to adapt the LK Swim Academy program to meet the needs of our youngest swimmers (2.5 years old) and our large special needs campers.  Their ability to make swimming fun while incorporating safety and skill development techniques was an important component especially with these two target groups.  Due to the success and training provided by the LK Swim Academy we were happy to see a high level of retention of the aquatic staff.  As the supervisor of the SIJCC camp program, I also felt a teamwork approach to the delivery of a high quality swim program that was coordinated 12 months a year; not just during the summer camp season.  Your knowledge of JCC's and your ability to listen to a diverse background of camp directors was an integral component of continuing with the LK Swim Academy. 

Your status in the aquatic field and your past Olympic and Maccabiah records allowed our JCC to positively promote the LK Swim Academy.  We thank you for your willingness to have been available for promotional events and open houses that were scheduled at the onset of this program at our camp.  Currently, the LK Swim Academy has become a 'household name' with our families and although we would love to have you in our community more often we don't necessarily require your presence due to the proven track record the LK Swim Academy has with our camp parents.
I'm sure our paths will cross again in the near future as the LK Swim Academy 'takes storm' at more JCCs across the country.  All the best and again, thanks for all that you did to upgrade our level of aquatic offerings at HKC.


"My son Jacoby has been taking swim lessons at the JCC for a couple of years.  Previously he would attend his lessons, but he was not enthusiastic about going and would spend much of the lesson trying to avoid doing the things that made him uncomfortable.  In only a few short weeks the new Lenny Krayzelburg program has helped Jacoby to become far more confident in the water.  The rewards / incentive program is brilliant, getting the children enthusiastic to attend lessons and earn stickers toward their next swim level.  Additionally, Jacoby has benefitted from the smaller scope of skills covered in his lessons, especially the strong focus on learning to float on his back.  Add in the curiosity about the new docks and the novelty of standing in the middle of the pool, and you have a program that my son is excited to attend and committed to practicing.  I recommend LKSA to all parents, as learning to swim is one of the most important skills that can be taught to a child, both for the critical safety, as well as for a lifetime love of the water." –Matt A.

Our children are fairly new to the swimming program. Our daughters Carys and Caitlyn just started swimming lessons with Jay. On Carys's third lesson she was holding a back float for 10 seconds. I was thrilled as I watched both girls understand that if they fall into the water or get dumped off a float that they should be able to get their bodies into a back float. Both our girls are naturally athletic and fearless; to a point that is a little disconcerting. Jay has had the two of them in a class together and I cannot believe

how much he taught them in a short time. We all agreed it was better to have them each do separate private lessons and we're looking forward to additional accomplishments. I especially love the safety test aspect of the curriculum.
-Nancy F.

I would like to express my wonder and amazement at what your swimming instructor Shelley Littman has accomplished with her student Leah, age 8. I watched Leah today at her swimming lesson, and I was so excited to see what Leah could do in the water. 
Leah is a special education student who has to work very hard to accomplish what others can do relatively easily. As a teacher who has worked with Leah in the Yeshiva Beth Yehudah school system for the last three years, I have witnessed her  slow and steady improvement in her bilateral coordination skills as well as  in her cognitive thinking skills. I was absolutely enthralled by the swimming skills that she has mastered in the pool in just a few summer months!
I have no doubt that these skills which Leah has acquired through her swimming lessons will enhance her ability to learn in school, and I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for all that Leah has accomplished with her swimming instructor in these past summer months. Thank you, Shelley, for all your hard work!
Sincerely yours,
Shulamith W.

I'm the biggest fan of Lenny's swimming school. I'm from Brazil (Rio de Janeiro) and very passionate about swimming. My mom was a swim teacher and I grew up in her swimming school. When I got married, my husband (American from Calabasas but away since college) and I moved to London. We stayed for 10years and had 2 kids. When my son Thomas (5today) was 6months old I started swimming classes with him.  After 4 years I had my baby girl Anna (1-1/2 today). She was 4 months old when she began swimming classes in London.  We moved back to the US in February 2012. So it has been about a year that I found you guys in the Valley (CA). This was after we tried 3 different schools around and

talked to a lot of private swimming teachers. I just want to say that I've been in lots of swimming schools in South America, England and Australia (here just some) and I've never experienced such a wonderful school and techniques as in Lenny's academy. Congratulations!  I also like that you guys are year-round and indoors! When I first got here I hated this mentality off intensive swimming courses during summer.
Thank you very much for this opportunity.
Lenny Krayzelburg Swim Academy is THE BEST!
Christiane V.

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